DB2 Datawarehousing & Business Intelligence


The 360 Degree View by Michael L. Gonzales and Kevin Downey


SAP BW and DB2 for z/OS V8: Top Ten SAP BW recommendations

IBM's new A-Z database strategy: Ascential, Apache & Zend by Jan Stafford

Performance Management of a Data Warehouse

Getting a Boost from DB2
by Michael L. Gonzales and Jon Rubin
Data warehouses are necessary, but as many companies are starting to realize, alone, they are not enough.

Q&A: IBM’s Janet Perna Discusses Company’s Push into BI
by Ed Scannell and Tom Sullivan, Computerworld
About IBMs new push across all of its major software groups to deliver core products with a strong emphasis on BI.

Effective Indexes for Data Warehouses
by Roger Deng
You can master the art of creating the right indexes to boost performance.

Data Warehouse Query Optimization
by Pat Selinger
How some leading edge users are adopting a disciplined approach to database design and application development aimed at reducing total cost of ownership.

Solving the Data Warehouse Puzzle
by Barry Devlin
It's time to to enhance and extend the data warehouse architecture beyond the traditional data warehouse's capabilities.

Meet the Experts: Nelson Mattos IBM Distinguished Engineer and Director, Information Integration
A discussion of how IBM helps resolve business integration problems with three distinct technologies: information integration, portal technology and process integration.

DB2 OLAP Server for OS/390 V7.1: DB2 Warehouse Manager
by Eric Garrigue Vesely
This is about the DB2 Warehouse Manager (DB2WM) component and performance enhancements for UDB V7.

IBM Enhances DB2 Analytics and Performance Functions
by Marc L. Songini
News from the International DB2 Users Group IDUG 2003 conference, where IBM announced increased integration, analytics and performance capabilities for their product.

V8 z/OS Materialized Query Tables
by Susan Lawson
Materialized Query Tables can help you to avoid redundant scanning, aggregating, and joins, and lets you precompute whole or parts of each query and then use computed results to answer future queries.

Relational Extensions for OLAP (pdf)
by N. Colossi, W. Malloy, and B. Reinwald
A definition of meta-data extensions that allow designers of multidimensional schemas to describe the structure of those schemas to multidimensional query and analysis tools.

Data Warehousing Guidelines for DB2
by Craig Mullins
More and more organizations are building their data warehouses using DB2 for OS/390 because of the scalability, reliability, and robust architecture that it provides. You can use the following guidelines as rules of thumb when you're designing, implementing, and using your DB2-based data warehouse.



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