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IDUG 2006 North American Conference Blog

By Any Other Name by Robert Catterall

Running SPUFI in batch

Data Serving IBM Mainframe Style by Mark Lillycrop

DB2 for z/OS Product Overview


IDUG Europe 2005 Blog

DB2 Advice Your Daddy Didn't Give You

DB2 for z/OS Features Contribute to High Availability (Part 1) by Lee Siegmund

Thanks for the Memory by Robert Catterall

The Power of Insight by Janet Perna and Andrew Warzecha

Face Time with Martin Hubel

On VSAM and DB2 by Craig S. Mullins

Simple Things First by Craig S. Mullins

The Business Value of DB2 for z/OS

Twenty Two Years of DB2 by Craig S. Mullins

DB2 Annoyances by Craig S. Mullins

DB2 Behind the Scenes by Craig S. Mullins

The DB2 Environment by Susan Lawson

Table Spaces And Locking Levels, Part 1 by Bonnie Baker

Thanks for the Memory by Robert Catterall

Why DB2 is Better Than VSAM by Sasirekha Cota

DB2 for z/OS and WebSphere: The Perfect Couple IBM

The Bufferpool: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to DB2
by Craig S. Mullins, IDUG Solutions Journal
A road map to DB2 developers for where and how to find information and information about some confusing issues for DB2 users.

40 Tips In 60 Minutes
by Craig S. Mullins

Meet the Experts: Roger Miller and Upcoming Enhancements to DB2 for z/OS
An interview with IBM's Roger Miler, lead DB2 for z/OS strategist working on product strategy, planning, development, writing, and helping customers to use the product with a focus on performance, availability, and security.

Basic SQL Coding for DB2 Universal Database for OS/390
by Susan Lawson, informit
There are four primary statements of DML: Select, Update, Insert, and Delete. To master DB2, you must know the unique role that each of these statements has.

Before and After zSeries (pdf)
by John Campbell
An article written to provide better information about potential issues, how virtual storage is allocated in DBM1, tuning options for virtual storage constraint relief based, and more.

IBM’s Don Chamberlin Wins Dr. Dobb’s Excellence
in Programming Award

by Jonathan Erickson
All about this year's winner.

Q&A: IBM's Perna Sees More to Data Management
than Databases

by Craig Stedman
IBM's Janet Perma talks about IBM's database business and how Big Blue plans to use DB2 as an underlying technology for managing various forms of information stored in other databases or content repositories.

DB2 Questions for the Experts — Part 1  Part 2  Part 3
by Elizabeth A. Mullins
Three-part series: DBAzine wants to know about the direction of DB2 — past, present, and future. So we posed numerous questions during a series of roundtable discussions with leading experts working with DB2 today, including Roger Miller, Alex Robb, Craig Mullins, Linda Ball, and Randy Ebersole.

Meet the Experts: Carol Rigdon
Learn how IBM does advanced technical support.

Maximum Number of VSAM Extents on DSNDB06
by Bernard Zver
This is useful for enlarging a fully extended dataset or a dataset which already has too many extents.

DB2 Basics: Table Spaces and Buffer Pools
by David Kline and Gabor Wieser
Some of the most important decisions you'll make as a DBA revolve around the design and tuning of your table spaces and buffer pools.

Eight Breakthroughs That Changed DB2 Forever
by Craig S. Mullins
DB2 wasn't always the 500 lb. blue gorilla of transaction processing. These innovations helped push it to the top.

Interview: Janet Perna, General Manager, IBM Data Management Solutions
With IBM and Oracle still at loggerheads over the fight for the database crown, and the impending battle for domination of the web services game looking increasingly imminent, IBM's data management division has a big challenge on its plate.

A 20th Anniversary Message to the DB2 Community
by Janet Perna
IBM Data Management Solutions general manager Janet Perna weighs in on what's next in DB2 innovation.

Bound to Succeed: an Interview with IBM’s Pat Selinger, Don Haderle, and Don Chamberlin
by David Stodder
The three founding fathers of the modern RDBMS share DB2 stories and their plans for its future.

Seeing the DB2 Light
by Robert Catterall
DB2 columnist Robert Catterall talks about his evolution from DB2 skeptic to true believer.

Men in Blue Go for Big Blue's DB2
by Edward Hurley
How the Toronto police department opted to run virtually all of its applications on DB2.

Mixing DB2 and Object Orientation?
by Craig Mullins
Many organizations have adopted object-oriented programming standards and languages because of the claimed advantages of the OO development paradigm. But what does OO mean for DB2 databases? This article explores some of the issues that arise when you mix relational DB2 databases and object orientation.

Testing the Waters
by Kathy Komer
IDUG members are repositories of insider tips on all things DB2. IDUG Insight taps into that wealth of information to bring you concise advice from a user perspective.

Meet the Experts
An interview with Curt Cotner, Distinguished Engineer, DB2 for z/OS Development.

SQL Co-Inventor Takes On XML Databases
by Barbara Darrow
The co-creator of the SQL language is now hard at work on what he and much of the industry hope will be a new standard: Xquery, which would be used for querying XML (Extensible Markup Language) databases.

Breaking Relational Vows
by Blair Adamache
The relational model is a thing of beauty. Compromising it is a travesty, like putting a baseball cap on top of Michelangelo’s David. Yet, stuff that doesn’t belong in a pure relational model may end up in your database or application.

IBM Gloats Over Gartner DB Figures
by Chris McConnell
Overtaking Oracle Corp. in the database market according to Gartner Dataquest, IBM recently trumpeted its leading place in data management. (See IBM's press release.)

Users Make Wish List for IBM Database Products
by Marc L. Songini
Members of the International DB2 Users Group (IDUG) raised some issues they would like IBM to address down the line.




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