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Leverage the power of SQL Procedural Language on DB2 for Linux, UNIX, Windows, i5/OS, and z/OS


Utilizing Triggers within DB2 by Aleksey Shevchenko

Using Stored Procedures as Communication Mechanism to a Mainframe by Robert Catterall

Workload Manager Implementation and Exploitation

Stored Procedures, UDFs and Triggers-Common Logic or Common Problem?

Basic SQL Procedure Structure by Zamil Janmohamed, Clara Liu, Drew Bradstock, Raul Chong, Michael Gao, Fraser McArthur, and Paul Yip

Three Trusty Rules for DB2 Triggers by Craig S. Mullins

Using Dynamic SQL for Maximum Flexibility by Craig S. Mullins

Implementing Stored Procedures as the Communication Mechanism to a Mainframe by Robert Catterall

PROGRAM TYPE SUB and WLM Stored Procedure Performance by Robert Catterall

Stored Procedure Address Spaces by Robert Catterall

Cross-Platform DB2 Stored Procedures: Building and Debugging

DB2 and the Procedural DBA
by Craig Mullins
This article discusses these new code-based objects from a DB2 for OS/390 perspective and suggests a useful re-definition of the role of a DBA in this changing environment.

DB2 V8 z/OS Stored Procedures and Workload Manager: Realizing the Synergy and Planning for Migration
by Susan Lawson and Dan Luksetich, Z/Journal.com
Although stored procedures have been a part of DB2 for sometime, V8 brings the new Workload Manager requirement to using this feature.

DB2 z/OS SQL Procedures in VS.NET
by IBM Corp.

This tutorial teaches you how to use the advanced features of the IBM DB2 Development Add-In for Visual Studio .NET to create and deploy SQL stored procedures from a development environment to a production DB2 for z/OS database environment.

DB2 User Defined Functions
by Craig S. Mullins
In DB2Version 6, you can create your own functions to supplement the built-in functions supplied with DB2.

Fun with Triggers, Part Two
by Peter Backlund
Your guide to triggers, including some examples of triggers, a discussion of restrictions and limitations, a comparison of differences between trigger implementations in various DB2 environments, plus some important warnings about the use of triggers.

SQL Procedures Performance: Hints and Tips
by Gustavo Arocena
This offers advice not typically found in performance tuning-related articles and promises to be applicable in other situations.

DB2 SQL Procedural Language: Using Flow of Control Statements
by Drew Bradstock, et al
You can write robust SQL stored procedures using flow of control statements including compound statements and scope, labels and how they are used, and IF and CASE conditional statements, looping statements and transfer of control statements.

DB2 Stored Procedures and Dynamic Cursors
by Tim Albrecht
This shows the value of dynamic cursors within DB2 stored procedures.

DB2 SQL Procedural Language: Using Flow of Control

by Drew Bradstock, Hana Curtis, Michael Gao, Zamil Janmohamed, Clara Liu, Fraser McArthur, and Paul Yip

About loop statements, including FOR, WHILE, REPEAT, and more.

DB2 Stored Procedures and Dynamic Cursors
by Tim Albrecht
Using Dynamic SQL within statically bound modules is nothing new. However, using it with the new cursor capabilities within stored procedures is.

Sample User-defined Functions, Part 1
by Bernard Zver
All about user-defined functions that are provided with DB2 — what they are and why they are often the better choice for an SQL application than stored procedures or host language subprograms or functions.

DB2 Version 6 Stored Procedures Migration Issues,
Part 1
and Part 2
by Antonio L Salcedo
A list of issues related to the implementation of DB2 V6 stored procedures for those migrating to DB2 Version 6.

Debugging Java Stored Procedures on
DB2 UDB for z/OS

by Peggy Rader
Discussion of the two alternatives for debugging DB2 Java stored procedures on z/OS.

Peggy Abelite on Stored Procedures in DB2
for z/OS and OS/390

An interview with IBM expert Peggy Abelite.

Creating DB2 Java Stored Procedures on z/OS
by Peggy Rader
A discussion of stored procedures and the advantages of using the SPB to create and run interpreted Java stored procedures on DB2 UDB for OS/390* and z/OS V7.

Using DB2 Stored Procedures
by Valerie Watson

SQL Procedures and REXX for DB2
by Richard Yevich
Amidst all the hoopla over DB2 UDB for OS/390 Version 6, it is important to know that a lot of enhancements were not in the original announcement or release guide for Version 6.

SQL Procedures - Overview (pdf)
by Nanda K. Pilaka
A presentation by Nanda Pilaka, IBM software engineer, including information about stored procedures and SQL Procedures, an overview of building SQL procedures, troubleshooting building SQL procedures, and more.

The Trigger Effect
by Willie Favero
New to the OS/390 community, DB2 triggers can automate tasks and enable code reuse. Here's how to put them to work.

Uniquely Trigger Happy
by Dave Hauser
Trying to get around the 255-byte index key limit without sacrificing uniqueness? Triggers just might save the day.

DB2 User-defined Functions by Craig S. Mullins

An Introduction to Triggers in DB2 for OS/390 by Craig S. Mullins



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