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An overview of IBM Health Checker for z/OS by Debbie Beatrice and Geoff Miller


The IBM OMEGAMON Revolution by Ernie Gilman

DB2 Data Archive Expert for z/OS: Enhancements for DB2 for z/OS V8 Support

Taking Control: DB2 Query Patroller by Paul C. Zikopoulos and Dwaine R. Snow

DB2 UDB for z/OS Version 8: Backup System and Restore System Utilities by Bryan Paulsen

Evaluating DB2 Tool Vendors by Craig S. Mullins

Copying the DB2 UDB for z/OS catalog using the COPY utility

The DB2 Utility Conundrum by Craig S. Mullins

High Speed Transaction Recovery by Craig S. Mullins

Handling Database Migrations with Embarcadero Solutions

Allianz life insurance division manages business growth with IBM information management tools

CDB/Quiesce vs. IBM Quiesce by Todd Burch

Index Suite Analysis for DB2 for z/OS by Rick Bolesta, Phil Grainger, & Jordan Hisey

DB2 for z/OS Tools for Database Administration and Change Management

DB2 for z/OS and OS/390 Version 7 Using the Utilities Suite

Select Database Utilities With Care
by Craig S. Mullins
Every DBA uses database utilities to manage and control their databases. But there is a lot of confusion in the field as to what, exactly, is a database utility.

The Importance of the MODIFY Utility (registration required)
by Antonio Luis Salcedo Freidel
DB2 for OS/390 comes packaged with its own utilities. One of these is the MODIFY utility, whose main function is to delete outdated information from the DB2 catalog and the DB2 directory.

Improve DSN1COPY Performance
Save significant execution time by using the information here.

DSN1COPY Generator Utility
by Bernard Zver
The REXX procedure DCU generates several DSN1COPY JCL streams. The DSN1COPY is executed as an MVS job, and could be executed when the DB2 subsystem is either active or not active.

Powering Up: DB2 Utilities
by Richard Yevich
The utilities available for DB2 UDB OS/390 version 7 are challenging the best offerings from third-party vendors in terms of performance, price and function.

End of Week Administration Jobs (registration required)
by Josip Ivancic
What is there to prevent DBAs from executing utilities such as RUNSTATS and MODIFY RECOVERY DELETES regularly - and are there other specific DB2 commands that could also be executed regularly?

Use REORGCHK to Update Table Statistics
IBM Corp.
With the REORGCHK command, you can update the statistics of a group of tables or all the tables in the database, with only one command.

RUNSTATS and Reorganization (pdf)
by Gabrielle Wiorkowski
This presentation includes information on why and when to execute runstats, online REORG, deleting rows during a reorganization, and more.

DB2 Utilities Through the Looking Glass by Craig S. Mullins

Improving DB2 for OS/390 Query Performance with DSTATS
by Steve Bower
Analysis of a statistical tool used to improve the performance of ad hoc queries running against unevenly-distributed data values, using DB2 for OS/390 Version 5 or later.



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